How to Use Sports Vision Rings in Baseball or Softball Practice

Sports vision rings are a great tool for working on concentration, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, and tracking. They can be used by players from Little League to the pros. In fact, former MLB slugger Manny Ramirez was known to use similar vision rings during his career.

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Method 1: Having a Catch

In this method, two players stand approximately 8-12 feet apart. The ring is tossed between the two players, similar to the way baseball or softball players have a catch.

Tip: To add a "vision warmup" to your practice or pre-game routine, the entire team can toss a vision ring immediately before or after their warmup throws.

Variations: To increase difficulty, players may do one or more of the following: move farther apart, toss the ring higher, spin the ring faster, and toss the ring with a "wobble."

Method 2: Group Catch

In this method, one player (or coach) stands apart from two or more players. The players are spread out evenly and far enough apart so they don't bump into each other while trying to catch the ring. The player/coach works their way around the group, making sure everyone gets a turn.

Tip: To add an element of surprise, the player/coach can toss the ring randomly. This works well in groups of 3 or more.

Method 3: Solitary Catch

A good way to focus on tracking and depth perception skills is to have players toss the ring straight up in the air. When using a ring with multiple colored balls, players should get in the habit of calling a color loudly, so a coach can tell if they are catching the intended ball.