Sports Vision Home Training - $30/month

A Great Tool for Baseball Players of All Ages

Our sports vision home training program is a great way for young athletes to begin a sports vision training program. Athletes work at home or in their dorm room, on their own desktop or laptop computer. The program evaluates and trains an athlete's depth perception, visual alignment, contrast sensitivity, peripheral vision, recognition, tracking, and reaction time.

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A Comprehensive Vision Training Program For Athletes of All Ages

Our comprehensive home vision training program includes the use of two vision training software programs, each scientifically designed, tested, and proven to improve an athlete's visual abilities. By using two sets of data (one from each program), we are better able to monitor and assess an athlete's performance and improvement over time.

  • Two Software Programs

  • Instructional Videos

  • Discounts and Free Vision Training Tools as the Program Progresses

  • Remote Monitoring and Coaching

Former college baseball player Vinnie Malzahn of Hardball Training Center tests out our home training system.

Vision Training is Scientifically Tested and Proven to Improve the Visual Skills of Athletes

Vision Training Tool: Vizual Edge

Vizual Edge has been around for years. Players like Russell Branyan, Chase Headley, and Denard Span are some of the best-known players who have publicly acknowledged using Vizual Edge -- and many more players and professional teams have used the software to great effect.

Vizual Edge takes a slightly different approach from Ultimeyes - players wear 3D glasses and go through a series of exercises to train both eyes to work in tandem, more efficiently. We use Vizual Edge as a supplement to Ultimeyes, giving us access to two separate sets of data for each player. We use this data to monitor progress and improvement over time.

"The University of Cincinnati team batting average increased from 0.251 in 2010 to 0.285 in 2011 and the slugging percentage increased by 0.033. The rest of the Big East's slugging percentage fell over that same time frame 0.082. This produces a difference of 0.115 with 95% confidence interval (0.024, 0.206). As with the batting average, the change for University of Cincinnati is significantly different from the rest of the Big East (pā€Š=ā€Š0.02). Essentially all batting parameters improved by 10% or more. Similar differences were seen when restricting the analysis to games within the Big East conference." (Source: Published Medical Research Study)

 EJ from Massachusetts training on our sports vision home training program.

EJ from Massachusetts training on our sports vision home training program.

  • Train At Home

  • Use Your Own Computer

  • One weekly session (10-25 min)

  • Exclusive Members-Only Video Drills and Eye Exercises

  • Progress Reports

  • $30/month, cancel anytime


Vision Training Tool: Ultimeyes

Ultimeyes is a cutting edge software tool that works on several of the most important visual systems that are crucial to the success of a hitter: contrast sensitivity, reaction time, eye-hand coordination, recognition, and peripheral vision.

"A recent study, for example, used 19 college baseball players to test UltimEyes. The app exercises the brain area that controls vision, the visual cortex. The players improved their vision by 31% on average; some even developed eyesight that tested better than 20/20." (Source: The Hartford)