Sports Vision Ring (2-Balls)

Sports Vision Ring (2-Balls)


Note: Colors shown may vary.

The Sports Vision Ring is a great tool for improving eye-hand coordination, tracking, and depth perception. The ring can be tossed between teammates or thrown straight up in the air if a player is practicing alone.

This tool is used by college and professional baseball players and it was one of the preferred drills of former Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez:

"The “vision ring” went on to become a staple for Manny Ramirez before every game for the remainder of the 2004 season. Manny had the team purchase several rings which traveled with the team as they played. That year, The Red Sox went on to win their first World Series title in almost nine decades and Manny was selected as the most valuable player of the World Series. How much our vision ring contributed to Manny’s and the team’s success will never be known, but it is clear that this drill allowed Manny to practice a skill critical for success at the plate. It was a tool that he continued to use daily throughout the remainder of his career." - Dr. Daniel Laby

Important things to remember when using the vision ring:

  • Track the ball all the way as the ring approaches you.
  • Keep hands and eyes relaxed.
  • Don't "attack" the ball with your hands. Let it come to you.
  • Don't get frustrated. Keep trying and don't be discouraged if you catch the ring. Try to recognize when you took your eye off the ball and try again.
  • When working with a teammate, make sure your tosses are easy to catch. Don't throw the ring fast or high unless your teammate is prepared and asks you to make the drill more difficult.
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