Sports vision training works on improving an athlete's visual skills, including contrast sensitivity, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, and peripheral vision.

Testimonial From Iona Prep High School Baseball

Sports Vision Training founder John Fitzgerald worked with Iona Prep's baseball program during the 2016 season. Here's what assistant baseball coach Eric Helmrich had to say about the program's decision to implement a sports vision training program:

"There is so much stress on today’s players to work on mechanics and get stronger, but that they often forget to train the most important body part…their eyes. As a player who has taken advantage of vision training in the past, I know useful and effective sports vision training can be. That's why the Iona Prep baseball program asked John Fitzgerald to work with our players to assess their visual skills and devise a training program that fit within our existing practice and game routines."

Eric Helmrich, Iona Prep High School Baseball

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