Sports vision training works on improving an athlete's visual skills, including contrast sensitivity, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, and peripheral vision.

Coach Testimonial: Tug Gillingham

Coach Testimonial: Tug Gillingham

"Vision rings are a great tool when coaching hitters of all ages and skill levels. I use the vision rings before we start our hitting and catcher's drills to help the players practice their tracking without worry about the other mechanics. The vision rings are great because they give the player instant feedback, so they can make their own adjustments.  We've all told players to 'keep their eye on the ball', which is an easy thing to say, but a difficult skill to teach.  Vision rings are a great tool that can be used to teach just that."

Tug Gillingham, Former College/Pro Player, Coach at Morton High School (IL) and Welles Park Baseball Association (IL).

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